Garry F. WHITE
General Manager

…., after graduating with Honours from Nursing School and the “Ontario Police College”, I became a Paramedic for a London, Ontario based ambulance company for approximately 3 ½ years, between 1969 and 1972. In MARCH 1972 I became a Police Officer and over the course of seven years I received several written commendations for exemplary service to the community, solving murders and citations for bravery regarding a life threatening hostage / kidnapping situation.

From 1979 through 1990 I was the Owner/Manager of a marketing firm, (“Manufacturer’s Representative”), importing consumer goods from Europe and selling to mass merchants, such as, “The Bay”, “K-Mart”, “Zellers”, and the like. In 1987 I graduated with a (3 year) Honors Degree in Business Administration (Marketing Major), In 1990 I formed a licensed Paralegal and Private Investigation Agency, performing countless civil and criminal investigations across Ontario, including the United States, for approximately 28 years.

In 1996 I graduated with an Honours Diploma as a Paralegal, specializing in Contract Law. I am a founding member of the “Paralegal Society of Ontario” and a member in good standing with “The Law Society of Upper Canada”, as well as, a “Commissioner for Taking Affidavits”. I have two years towards a B.A. in Administrative Studies. In 2020 I decided to form the company “CELTIC MOON” ™ producing a line of organic, sugar free, all natural fruit SPRITZERS and other SPIRITS as shown in this website. “…., P.S. …, in case you haven’t already figured it out….., I have a strong Celtic ancestry…

John M. DODD

Sales & Logistics Department

…, graduated with a Degree in Canadian Industrial Traffic & Transportation (C.I.T.T.) in 1975.

…, shortly thereafter, graduated from a 4 year program (Management, Purchasing, Logistics) at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology in LONDON, Ontario and was employed for 20 years at a large Canadian manufacturing / distribution company; HARTZ CANADA, in Management and Purchasing Department, then specializing in LOGISTICS, specifically in AIR/OCEAN FREIGHT, and TRUCK TRANSPORTATION.

…., employed as an Account Executive at a Canadian based transportation company, (“Agility Logistics”), for 10 years

…, joined forces with “CELTIC MOON” in 2021.

Marketing Manifesto

…., simply stated, at “Celtic Moon(TM)”, a “marketing oriented” research approach was adopted to create a unique brand of premium SPRITZERS and SPIRITS to meet the desires and expectations of consumers looking for healthier, more nutritional choices. Celtic Moon Spritzers are organically produced using natural fruit extracts, no artificial flavouring and no added sugar. It is sincerely hoped that you will enjoy the fruity Spritzer flavours being offered, as well as, a choice selection of Spirits.